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Published Mar 13, 21
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Find Out More About Architect In Tel-Aviv
Find Out More About Architecture And Interior Design In Tel-Aviv

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170 Settlement of expenditures of Board. All expenses sustained by the Board needs to be paid on insurance claims authorized by: 1. Two members of the Board; or 2. The Executive Supervisor as well as another member of the Board. [15:220:1949; 1943 NCL 537. 15] (NRS A 1963, 145; 1979, 1896; 1995, 1698) CERTIFICATIONS OF REGISTRATION NRS 623.

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1. No individual may exercise: (a) Style or use the title of engineer; (b) Residential layout or make use of the title of property developer; or (c) As a registered inside developer or use the title of registered interior designer, in this State without having a certification of enrollment released to him or her according to the provisions of this phase.